Sendang Gila Waterfall
  • Overview of The Sendang Gila Waterfall
Location waterfall located in the area of ​​Rinjani is called Sendang Gila (read gile), because according to the story, locals not accidentally discovered this waterfall when chasing lions crazy, he screw up in a village and then ran into the forest. Tourist attractions the most visited by domestic tourists it has a height of about 31 meters.
Sendang Gila Waterfall
This waterfall emerges from the cliff and fell into the river below it. Basis of this waterfall is relatively flat, so a lot of people bathing under this waterfall. There is another waterfall near with this location and called as Tiu Kelep. However, because the distance from Sendang Gila take 1 hour and the damaged roads condition, travelers often prefer just to visit this waterfall.
Sendang Gila Waterfall and Tiu Kelep Waterfall  
  • Privileges of Sendang Gile Waterfall
Situated at an altitude of 600m above sea level, this waterfall offers a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. For tourists who saturated with the bustle of city, it's good to visit this waterfall. The touch of nature that are categorized as distant from nuances of urban, beautiful and captivating panorama, as well as the fresh air, able to bring you to the world that can eliminate fatigue in the head.
Sendang Gila Waterfall
In addition, there are other interesting things that make this location is different. The locals believe that the water at this location has a magical element that can make a person one year younger than her age.
  • Location 
Natural attractions are located in the northern areas of North Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province. Precisely in the village of Senaru, Bayan district. This village is approximately 60 km from the capital Mataram. These tourist sites are still in the region of Mount Rinjani, which is the 3rd highest mountain in Indonesia.
Sendang Gila Waterfall
Sendang Gila
  • Route leading to Sendang Gila Waterfall 
There are two routes to go to Sendang Gila Waterfall
  1. Passing Pusuk, scenery of rice fields and green mountains on either side presented. After that the trip will go through a winding road while and climbing up until past the peak of Pusuk. When passing peak Pusuk (Pusuk Pass) we will go through Pusuk tourist areas, where along the road we will see many small monkeys.
  2. Pusuk
  3. Through Senggigi is the travel farther and longer than past Pusuk, but this pathway is promising beach view. Starting from meninting Beach, Batu Bolong Beach, Senggigi Beach, Beach Kerandangan, Beach Malimbu up to see three small islands to the west of the island of Lombok is Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

  • Entrance fee
To get into the location of Sendang Gile Waterfall, the tourists don't have to spend a lot of money. Ticket price is only Rp. 20.000.
Map of Lombok

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