Monkeys in Pusuk
Pusuk which means the peak, is part of Forest Rinjani, Lombok. Pusuk become stopover for foreign and domestic tourist before they heading to some tourist attraction in North Lombok such as Gili Air, Gili Meno, Sira Beach, Sendang Gila Waterfall and Gili Terawangan

The road to Pusuk very winding and steep, but it will all be forgotten due to the beauty of this place. Protection forests are lush and beautiful scenery.

In Pusuk we'll find some uniqueness among which the monkeys are always faithful to stand side of the road, as though they always waiting for arrival of visitors, they will always stick their hands and hope for mercy of visitors for throwing food to them.

Monkeys in Pusuk including a benign and do not disturbing or grab food carried by tourists. Thousands of forest monkeys are roaming free on the highway in this area.

The monkeys are also fairly sheepishly, when we would take their picture with the camera, they will hide among the shady trees.

In Pusuk we also will see many small stands selling sweet wine. Made from palm fruit is fermented for 2 days, white sweet drinks are not at all intoxicants.

When the durian season comes, we also will see many durian sellers that offer his wares, the price is also relatively cheap.

This place is amazing, Monkeys lives here are not disrupted by the density of vehicles passing through this place, because Pusuk is an alternative road for residents of North Lombok are going shopping or go for their studies to Mataram, Mataram is the capital of the province West Nusa Tenggara, of course everything will be available in Mataram.

This place will always still beautiful because surrounding communities are care for this place and they also never hunt the monkeys that are here.

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