Rinjani Mountain
Mount Rinjani is included in the category of volcano is still active today. Mountain has a height of ± 3726 m above sea level is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. The mountain is located in East Lombok district of West Nusa Tenggara. Mount Rinjani also has mountain child and people called it by Mount Baru Jari.

Mount Baru Jari has a height of ±2376 m above sea level. Mount Baru Jari last erupted on May 4, 2010, while Mount Rinjani was first erupted in 1847.

Mount Rinjani has a beautiful panoramic views of Mount Rinjani so become a favorite place for hikers to visit this place. Between the months of August to December this place is always crowded visited by hikers of indonesia and even foreign countries.

In this mountain there is a lake which is Segara Anak Lake, in the middle of the lake is the location of Mount Baru Jari and still active until now. For the Sasak tribe, this lake is considered a sacred place because according to their beliefs, this lake is where funeral of Dewi Anjani. They say, Dewi Anjani is Queen Genie who mastering of Mount Rinjani, So not be surprised if the climbers always smelling of incense and see the many offerings around the lake. According to the Sasak tribe, Dewi Anjani is a child of the marriage of the genie and human Sasak tribe.

For hikers who want to climb up here can choose 3 existing route, including:

1. Senaru Pathway

Senaru Pathway
± 3 hours travel time by car
Senaru-Lake Segara Anak
± 9 hours of travel time on foot
Lake Segara Anak-Peak of Rinjani
± 4-hour travel time on foot

2. Sembalun Pathway
Mataram-Selong-Sambelia-Sembalun Lawang
± 5 hours travel time by car
Sembalun Lawang-Lake Segara Anak
± 3 hours travel time on foot
Lake Segara Anak-Peak of Rinjani

3. Torean Pathway

± 4 hours travel time by car
Torean-Lake Segara Anak
± 8-hour travel time on foot
Lake Segara Anak-Peak of Rinjani
± 4-hour travel time on foot ± 4-hour travel time on foot

For those of you who have a hobby of climbing, you must visit this place.

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