Presean is one of a number of Culture which is owned by the people of Lombok.

Presean it's means the fight by using Penjalin (Rattan) as a tool to hit and Ende (Shield) as a protective device. Presean has long been recognized by the people of Lombok.

Presean is one of culture that spelled out "hard" because in this culture players (Pepadu) will show an action at each other until one of them issued a fresh blood, however the culture is full of "violence" was still preserved until today this.

Players (pepadu) that issued the fresh blood in his brain then he is considered lose even though he was still able to continue the fight.

The uniqueness of this Presean is you can see when Pepadu (Knights) have started hitting each other in action-by using Penjalin (Rottan), when the fight starts musicians will play traditional musical instruments of Lombok, so the battle looks like someone who is dancing, in tune with traditional musical instruments played by the musicians, Each Pepadu (Warrior) hit the opponent until one of them is bleed due to leaky or any one of those who surrendered.

Presean is a blast from the soldiers in the time of empire, after the royal army managed to defeat an opponent in battle. Up until now, still be conserved by the peopleof tribe Sasak, Presean aims to test the courage or guts Cadet (Youth) Sasak, the main purpose of Presean is to attract interest from foreign tourists and local tourists.

A little info about Culture Presean:

1. It is one of the many cultures of Sasak tribe in lombok island
2. Preseason included in the category of traditional dances
3. Formerly, Presean used to ceremony ask for rain
4. If you want to witness firsthand please come to the island of Lombok, we encourage you to come to Beach of Karang Atas at Tanjung Village North of Lombok where you can witness firsthand the Presean on every Sunday around 4 pm

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