Surfing at Lakey Beach
Every March to August, Lakey beach is always crowded by tourists, after enjoying the beauty of tourism on the island of Bali and Lombok and then they switch to the island of Sumbawa, precisely in the Village Hu'u, Dompu District.

With some difficulty they brought equipment heavy enough so that they can enjoy the thrill of surfing and wind surfing. To get to the beach Lakey, from Muhammad Salahuddin Airport of Bima, we can rent a car that always stand by at the airport with rental costs around 500rb, this trip takes 2 hours to get to the beach Lakey.

After the Bali bombing, Lakey beach was deserted. Australian tourists who diligently into this place so afraid to come here, but now all was be normal again. Now Lakey beach is always crowded visited by foreign tourists. They sometimes persist for weeks and even months before it finally set off again to another place to look for new challenges.

Lakey beach is quite known among the surfing enthusiast. The waves at Lakey beach is so special, if in Nias Island or Hawaii, the waves were only moving in one direction, then Lakey wave can move in both directions, left and right. Technically, the Lakey waves was considered safe for surfing sports, because in normal conditions the wave height between 1.5 to 3 meters and a depth of 4 meters of the beach, And with waves sound about 150 feet from tidal water.

Lakey Surf
Lakey Beach is also known for having the most complete types of waves than the other beaches in the world. Wave types are:

> Nangas is a type of flat-shaped waves.
> Lakey Peak is the first wave peaked and then leveled off

> Pipe is a wave that looks like a pipe, a type of waves that can also be found in Hawaii.
> Periscope is a type of wave that resembles a pair of binoculars so that when they bend over the waves, surfers as there are in the binoculars.

Periscope wave peak at Lakey Beach
Lakey Beach has become one of the leading tourist attraction with many facilities have been provided. Anyway, enjoy your vacation at Lakey beach.

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